“I can’t thank them enough,” says service station owner whose business was saved from fire

The owner of the service station just outside of Old Bar, Joe Joseph said he can’t thank fire fighters enough for what they did to protect it as bushfire spread towards the seaside village over the weekend.

The drama for Metro Old Bar started on Friday afternoon, November 8, as the Hillville fire edged closer to the station.

One of the operators contacted Joe about the situation and the station was closed.

“The firies were here before the fire and wet all the area and used a grader to create a break line and let it go through,” Joe said.

“I can’t thank them enough.”

They also pushed trees back away from the station to provide more safety.

“It just flared up.

“A car behind the station melted and the shed is all gone.

“I was worried about the gas cylinders because of the heat, it could have released the safety valves and the gas would have lit up.”

The area lost power on Saturday and it didn’t come back on until Sunday.

“Once Old Bar Road was reopened on Sunday evening we did a quick dash to see that everything was okay and make assessments, and luckily it was.”

They were back open for business on Monday.

“We had to wait until it was cleared by the firies to come in.”

On Monday the bushland a short distance away from the service station was still smouldering

“There’s a few spot fires around but as far as we’re concerned we’re back to normal.

“We have plenty of fuel and other necessities.

“We thank the firies for their efforts controlling the fire, they’ve done a marvellous job.”

The staff has been on standby to safeguard the service station and the customers.

It didn’t open on Tuesday due to the predictions of catastrophic conditions.

extracted from Grate Lakes Advocate